how to delete facebook search activity log

how to remove search facebook activity log:

We  have  yet  most  people do not do Facebook.
 For example, your security settings on Facebook and should continue to be, he does not know anything. If people think they may be at touch comes back to the ears. And those who do not know that he would have liked the page heap dumps are getting their news reach others.

delete facebook search history on android,iphone,s4,pc

However, talk of search activities. Facebook names of people we often seek. I think now it does not work, then the fee would be? But the people who share your computer with others or their Facebook login and no matter who sits on the computer can be dangerous.
Facebook was such that they all have in common the search ... you 'actions' may also have been recorded in the account. Go to your profile to view it Activity log and click the button.

Facebook said that all activities, such as likes, comments, shares, etc. all posts chronological record of the sequence is present here. Here you can easily know what I did or where I said I liked.

Search also written down in the Activity Log, you can see. Click on it and see what you have done a search on Facebook. Well, it is all hidden activity that only you can see it.

But if others have access to the computer and your Facebook login if everything can be seen here. It is better that such searches may be difficult for you, they are Deleted from here. If you delete the selected searches Clear Searches option or the above together with the help of all searches can also be deleted.

your search data on the facebook  will remove permanently......

how to check your mobile

 how to check mobile application testing

your mobile is original or fake quality:

       every body want that his mobile is original or fake quality in this article i will told a very simple method by which every one can know about his mobile. its a very simple and small every one can understand on this method. every one can know about the own mobile weather its original or fake.

how to check cellular phones:

follow the steps instruction:
step 1:
         dial from your mobile phone "#06#
step 2:
       the number show on the mobile screen this is the IMEI IT is 15 digit code written on the back side of the every mobile
         Example IEMI 253625876954123
Step 3:
       n  check the IEMI number
       IEMI 562348011254698

        THE seven and eight number is 10 or 01 your phone is fineland made it is good quality

         if 7 and 8th digit are 00 your phone is original.....

         the 7th and 8th digit are 13 your mobile is made of the azar bhai jan not good fair quality

         if the 7th and 8th digit are 20 or 02 its mean your mobile is amarat country made not good

         the seven and eight digit 03/30 or 40/04 made by chine good but not from 10 ,01

        if the 7th and 8th digit are 50/05 made by usa brazil good quality

        the 7th and 8th digit are 60/06 the mobile made by hong kong china

         if the 7th and 8th digit are 08/80your mobile is best quality from german.....y made
   this procedure not allowed for Sonny erosion

how to rename recycle bin:

how to rename recycle bin:

1  go to start menu and type run

2.type "regedit" run

3. Change any value data with "recycle bin" to whatever you want to rename it etc dump box,

4. press f3 key to find search for and rename "recycle bin" to its new name

5.repeat the process until the whole name are change close the regedit step 4 and press f5 on the desktop to see the new name on the desktop
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how to get 5000 friend request in one day

how to get 5000 friend request in one day:

can any body get 5000 friend request in just 5 minute?

 hey today i will tell you some amazing tip about facebook. how to get 5000 facebook friends in just 5 minute. it is very simple and facebook does not block you. there are many method but they not working. and some are harmful for your account.
can anybody earn money with many friends?
yes it is true the more like to your page we can promte the products on the facebook the more visitors see the more earn.
is this method safe?
yes it is safe methods and facebook donnot block your acount. this method is tested by me safe you gat the email of the facebook friend you invite them at once.
step to be taken:
step 1:
log in to your facebook account

step 2:
go to link
facebook/mass.add application
step 3:
log in to this application to get information

step 4:
select your friends interest in the select friends you want to add

step 5: click the generate button

step 6:
copy all the email of the friend the box

step 7:
go to the invite friend in facebook click the below url
friends invite

step 8:
paste all the friends email there and send them, invitation and message
then click on the invite your friends
step 9:
wait somr times after sometimes friends reqest starts add by your friend recieve to you.

how to display name on lock screen iphone android,s3

how  to display name on lock screen:

computer our name appears on the Lock screen , all of which are estimated to have ownership of it to
the computer . Ayndruyyd on the devices it does not, but there is a simple lock . Even the name of the owner in ayndruyyd Lock option appears onscreen . Suddenly the phone so that they know what it is . Write your name on the phone ,
 follow the steps below .

open the android phone setting.

then in the setting drop down menu there is security and screen lock option
click on

from the above step done then click on the owner info 

    then from the owner info chick on the owner info lock screen 
provide the name

how to use life360 app on iphone,android

how to use life360 application

Life360 is the most popular family member location app. Android and IOS customers gain benefit
from along time.  But now windows phones users can get benefit  from this app. Life360 is not consider a simple app through you can make call and also send text messages.  However this app all the time inform you from your every family members.
This  app have the following features
 See your family members and friends location on private map.
Inform  from your  family members are safe or need your help.
click below to download the software


Chat one to one or in group with the family members and friends  present in your circle.
Any special place automatic alert when your member go there
Stolen or  lost phone place detection

With this app present install with your all family members  then you can know that where is he/she have  need or not  of call or message. However on the map you can see the location of  he/she. This app is free with all a lot of advantages.

you can also watch on youtube

 how to use life360