how to remove facebook virus spam posts

how to delete facebook virus posts

People often ask us something on my Facebook wall immoral and foolish kind have been
posted photos and video . With my friends were also automatically tag on this post . Whatever comes my profile , it is all false images seen . The images I nor my friends have posted on their tagged photos . Please tell me how to deal with this problem ?
                  Our many readers have been experiencing trouble . I understand that if you encounter problems when you prtahy.aul two cases to a friend Facebook account is hacked or be a victim of the virus . Secondly, when the same thing happens with your account . In the first case once you get notification that your friend has tagged you in a photo . Although it does no harm to your account , but the false picture on your Facebook Wall is beginning to show in which you were tagged .
                    For those that are on your Facebook Wall , would be quite a shock . To avoid this situation, you should from your friends posted on your Facebook wall texts or images modified (review) was not published on the Wall . That should also tagged with pictures . On his way to navigate after login . Settings to access the drop-down list in which there is a link Logout , Settings can be clicked on .

how to delete facebook virus link:

click on the link below
step 2:

Mynbayyn settings or settings, click on the link to the Timeline and Tagging.
 Which you can change several settings on the right, will appear. 
step 3:

If you want someone on your Facebook wall that I can not post anything Who can post on your timeline? Click on the Edit
step 4:

 select Only Me. 
step 5:

But if you want your friends to be able to post on the Wall Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline by clicking on Edit in the select Enabled. If such a friend will be able to post on your wall, but unless you have permission to publish this post on the Wall itself will not, they will not appear on the Wall.


how to create ebook free for kindle

how to create ebook free:                                                                                                        
                                               Wikipedia is the source of numerous informative and interesting articles . Read online articles on
Wikipedia as well , there is the option to download them . Any article as a PDF or eBook you can save . If the print is also possible .
Save articles for offline reading is a good thing . Especially in e-book format of articles stored on the tablet, or phone line can be read easily . EBook as any article on Wikipedia left to preserve the option Print / export click.
The available options will appear. Create a book by clicking on the e-book you can start making process .
step 1:
    On the next page "Start book creator" button click.

step 2:
Wikipedia article on the e-book while making a number of articles included in the book are the same . Add this page to your book you the option of clicking on the article can be included in the book .

step 3:
     Similar to other articles included in the book and then click on any link on the page that opens, click on Add this page to your book . The pages of this book you will see that you will do will be seen at these numbers . An e -book includes several articles on Wikipedia , there are several ways . One way is to take your mouse on a link , a popup will appear Add linked wiki page to your book . Clicking on this page are included in the book .

step 4:
     Curry radiator in the book there is also the option Suggest pages . Clicking on it you will be informed of their content and pages related to the following e-book if you can join .
The article with the plus ( + ) button and click it , which is included in the book can be .

Click the plus button to add the page to your list will be added and the name of this place would only be further articles . On this page you will be shown how many articles you have chosen for his book . Click the Show option to proceed .

step 5:
     On the next page you can select the name of the book . The chapter also can make all the subjects . In a chapter of his articles can include the following . You made ​​the book would not be a simple book , but it will include the chapters and articles in sequence .
                                                      Check before download format book make sure that you want to download the book format . If your goal is to make phone and tablet e-book reading EPUB format so choose .
                              Then you will click on the download button will start the rendering process .
After rendering the book will be ready for downloading . Book by clicking on the link to download it. 
Most e-book reader for smartphones and tablets is already on the Windows e-book reader, you will need to read . ' FB Reader , it is available for free :

how to create a book video:
you can also watch on youtube vedio

how to convert laptop to wifi hotspot

how to convert laptop into wifi hotspot windows 7,8,9 android:

Nowadays   in house there are  lots of wifi device for example laptop tablet computer  and mobile
phones etc. specially mobile phones have availability become this technology very popular. Along with this  internet connection  sharing with different device become necessary . it is clear that we cant buy different connection for different devices. In general there need a hardware router for this work.
In this lesson we teach you in a common computer have facility of wifi  present , without a any hardware convert into wifi router.  Connectify software with  help of this, internet connecton running on your computer  can share wifi with different devices. With one internet connection present at your home or office share wifi with different wifi detecting  devices laptop tablet computer  and mobile phones etc.
Some basic features of this software
      click below link:

  • The main objective of Connectify Hotspot WiFi turning the computer it's running on the Internet available to other Wi- Fi devices.
  • Internet is already running a Wi- Fi network so it can be shared
  • All devices connected to the ... Connectify hotspot can be found or the list of computers –
  • Hotspot password can be set to ban its use
  • On network devices or computers to facilitate the various restrictions contained in any connected device as you can off the Internet or LAN that can be accessed.
  • Made by Connectify network can be used like an ordinary LAN

This software can make the network you can use a common network and for this you need a hardware router . you can transfer a file from another computer with the help of a computer Wi- Fi network on the move via computer or remote desktop session can take . –

Connectify , very easy to use software . The free version has a capacity of ten connections at a time of ten different computers , mobile phones or tablets , etc. are connected to the hotspot . If you want to use it on the network , then you will have to buy the software . The free version is sufficient for you .
Terms of use of this software  only two conditions  is that the hotspot is to make the computer , it is also Wi- Fi enabled . Desktop computers usually do not have Wi -Fi Network Device . For the wireless LAN card can easily buy from the market value of the quality of a five hundred thousand rupees is expected .  wire less  lane is present in laptops 
. The second condition is that it can only install on Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be used . Actually this software in Windows 7 and Windows 8 ' virtual router  ' ability to use older versions of Windows that are not possible

how to convert laptop into wifi hotspot for android:

                                                          It is necessary for the computer to be hot spot , at least on
Windows 7 installed . However, such a hotspot to connect to the dyuayss bets. On any operating system , so it does not fi Connecticut . Connecticut US -Fi Internet cable , DSL , 3G or 4G Yes Modem Yes , but go to the Internet via Wi-Fi can also be shared 
The installation and configuration is also very simple and easy . Connecticut fi website you can download the latest version 
                CONNECTIFY SOFTWARE 
                                                           Using this software , it is necessary to free the network name "Connectify" begins . Connectify-com etc. eg . If you use the Professional version can be custom named 
Also here , select your internet connection and you want to share in your system after selecting Wi-Fi hot spot to start . Take your laptop computer or a ' hot spot ' ' has become . Laptop or any other mobile wireless connections so you 'll find you in hotspot it will also be displayed there . Your chosen password to connect it to the Internet , you will see that the device has started walking
Connecticut -Fi is installed on the PC you can also see what time it is on the PC network . Also here you can also see different action , such as a PC if you want to know the IP or the Internet, it is also possible to give 

exercise for brain power

exercise for brain health:
this website is popular among children and old people .in  every languages and in every country 

peoples are very favourite site . if you claim that you are very intelligent then this website is for you. in this website have lots video games,  confession and question and answer . we invite you with acclaim that when join this site  there are lots of interesting thing
click here for website:

 that you can leave this site. for time pass it is a very good site. with a time pass you learn lots of thing and you become intelligent.
exercise for the brain free:

                                                 according to modern research a human being must have think and           
       with this brain become healthy and its efficiency increases. so fun is very good site for exercising  the brain this mean this make you intelligent and clever.

how to find old twitter tweets

find your old twitter tweets:
twitter come to internet in 2006 then it become important part of social media. in world about 10
millions people use it daily. twiter user and other user search their tweet,  unfortunatly the search is up to some tweets and limit tweets you see on your profile and twitter search. even the 2009 tweet you never find on the record.

find old twitter tweets:

      a survey is 2006 to up till 600 arab tweets are done on the twitter and the website called topsy   you find the 2006 tweet to untill the whole record are store in this website you can find the old tweet.

click here

 click here for the find older tweets

           the data gerenalist and the data scientist it is like a big history platform  even 8 -9 year
previous history are can be find from this website.
topsy you can find from previous recored of the world which day the more tweet on the relevent topic . reseach and the gerenalist this website is good for those people mostle

free internet at home, android

free internet android download  is a project start by the facebook and google apple and much more company starts this

project free internet through out the world. this project start for the development countries and to reach free internet through the country like south africa and much more through out the world. starts for those development countries to download the facebook twitter and google and search the online world free .
 facebook play an importent role in the that to reach the facebook through development countries this process should be done by the sattelite and lazer to reach the internet where the internet in some country in the world impossibile reach there.
the facebook research till 30 lakh people come toward internet through this project those people the internet at that place impossible. google also start loon to for such project
google and facebook are run by the online internet subscriber if they has many subscriber the google and facebook has many ways to earn. these company has start such project to reach the internet at this time the 2/3 of the world has not reach the internet facility . has starts working through out the world and starts the free internet to those people and land the internet is not reach this is a good project for the company to come the most of the traffic through the facebook and google

 you can also watch android on  the youtube vedio