how to find old twitter tweets

find your old twitter tweets:
twitter come to internet in 2006 then it become important part of social media. in world about 10
millions people use it daily. twiter user and other user search their tweet,  unfortunatly the search is up to some tweets and limit tweets you see on your profile and twitter search. even the 2009 tweet you never find on the record.

find old twitter tweets:

      a survey is 2006 to up till 600 arab tweets are done on the twitter and the website called topsy   you find the 2006 tweet to untill the whole record are store in this website you can find the old tweet.

click here

 click here for the find older tweets

           the data gerenalist and the data scientist it is like a big history platform  even 8 -9 year
previous history are can be find from this website.
topsy you can find from previous recored of the world which day the more tweet on the relevent topic . reseach and the gerenalist this website is good for those people mostle


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