how to host your website on google drive free

 how to  host website from google drive

    By Google on Monday announced it has file storage and sharing service that Google users , Google Drive , you can also host their websites
How to host the website:

Host your website on Google Drive to create a folder with the Public Access.

All your website files such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS files in this folder Upload.
The website of the original HTML file as index.html, then click on the Preview button, you'll see there.
The save button link through which any individual from around the world can visit your website.
The website can also show or it can also run on its own website.

how to host website on the google drive:

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how to mute blacklist friend twitter reach

Twitter new feature through the blacklist should mute.

Twitter users recently insisted strongly on the mobile website for customers and introduced a new feature . This new feature is called Mute under any Twitter user tweets and re- tweets from your timeline could .
You can follow any Twitter user tweets and re- tweets when you have it all seem . Mobile or on your website so they can be notified of tweets tweets , but it still appears on your timeline will be .

how to twitter analyzer:

So, I do not need to worry , if you do not like a Twitter user tweets or follow them only under compulsion you bound by them and the funny thing is that Mute the user will not know What is it that you Mute .
This new feature for the next few weeks will be available to all users .

 Mute any Android or iOS users to click on his name and the right to choose the option

Muteusername three dots . Mute a user of the website to his profile , click on the Settings gear icon .