how to use google search provider feature

google search 5 best feature
Today almost all internet users know about Google .
 In 1996 as a research project launched this website is the most visited in the world and the search engines do not have any competition
With the passage of time, changes with Google are precious in his website and search on a particular subject with you now Google can use in their daily lives . Today I 'm going to tell Google search feature 5 that very few people know about them , but I hope it will be helpful for you Extreme
google features:

1 weather condition:

   if you want to see the temprature of the every city update weather of that city will display on the screen just open the google and type etc.....
        london weather

2 google calculator:

    if you want to calculate the maths question or other calculation just type calculator in the search box of the google.
      then type your problem...
   example type 100000 divide by 400
   answer will be 250

3. currency converter:

     if you want to convert any currency over the base currency. just go to google and type currency
then a screen open by which you can solve your prolem of the currency exchange

4 google dictionary:

  The meaning of any word in the English language difficult to learn, but you do not need to be explored dksnryan old and dilapidated , and for this purpose it is necessary to bookmark a website , simply Google the word about Write what you meaning, grammar and speaking will be provided all the way

5 time zone:

if you want to see the time of the different country just go to the search of the google and type england time....

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