free internet at home, android

free internet android download  is a project start by the facebook and google apple and much more company starts this

project free internet through out the world. this project start for the development countries and to reach free internet through the country like south africa and much more through out the world. starts for those development countries to download the facebook twitter and google and search the online world free .
 facebook play an importent role in the that to reach the facebook through development countries this process should be done by the sattelite and lazer to reach the internet where the internet in some country in the world impossibile reach there.
the facebook research till 30 lakh people come toward internet through this project those people the internet at that place impossible. google also start loon to for such project
google and facebook are run by the online internet subscriber if they has many subscriber the google and facebook has many ways to earn. these company has start such project to reach the internet at this time the 2/3 of the world has not reach the internet facility . has starts working through out the world and starts the free internet to those people and land the internet is not reach this is a good project for the company to come the most of the traffic through the facebook and google

 you can also watch android on  the youtube vedio


wilayat technologist

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