back up gmail account data

How to download your  data from gmail account: 
For this purpose google provide a server called takeout. Through  this server you can download complete data from google base. This base servers include gmail, drive , google plus, blogger, youtube, google photos etc.
 click on the below link


        log in to your google account
   click on next

     create archives

email send to your gmail account download it the whole email to your personal computer
back up data of gmail
On this page you can see that how many backup server are formed for downloading. This data are provide in archive file that you can easily download it or you want to import to another account
For making data backup file click on create archive on another page ask  for  that which one server backup you want . this backup will form in zip file. The time for backup file depend on your data. If   your gmail account have thousand emails present so this backup  file will be of big size which take time for making file.
Which servers  making you want then check the box present with the name after this click on create aechive.  So the process of backup file will begin. When this is complete your file will be ready for downloading . along with this you should also be inform through email. After downloading backup file on your computer then you can easily see them when you are offline. Backup file will in zip format . then extract it from the file then in every server  folder have data. This data will import to another google account easily.

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