how to convert laptop to wifi hotspot

how to convert laptop into wifi hotspot windows 7,8,9 android:

Nowadays   in house there are  lots of wifi device for example laptop tablet computer  and mobile
phones etc. specially mobile phones have availability become this technology very popular. Along with this  internet connection  sharing with different device become necessary . it is clear that we cant buy different connection for different devices. In general there need a hardware router for this work.
In this lesson we teach you in a common computer have facility of wifi  present , without a any hardware convert into wifi router.  Connectify software with  help of this, internet connecton running on your computer  can share wifi with different devices. With one internet connection present at your home or office share wifi with different wifi detecting  devices laptop tablet computer  and mobile phones etc.
Some basic features of this software
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  • The main objective of Connectify Hotspot WiFi turning the computer it's running on the Internet available to other Wi- Fi devices.
  • Internet is already running a Wi- Fi network so it can be shared
  • All devices connected to the ... Connectify hotspot can be found or the list of computers –
  • Hotspot password can be set to ban its use
  • On network devices or computers to facilitate the various restrictions contained in any connected device as you can off the Internet or LAN that can be accessed.
  • Made by Connectify network can be used like an ordinary LAN

This software can make the network you can use a common network and for this you need a hardware router . you can transfer a file from another computer with the help of a computer Wi- Fi network on the move via computer or remote desktop session can take . –

Connectify , very easy to use software . The free version has a capacity of ten connections at a time of ten different computers , mobile phones or tablets , etc. are connected to the hotspot . If you want to use it on the network , then you will have to buy the software . The free version is sufficient for you .
Terms of use of this software  only two conditions  is that the hotspot is to make the computer , it is also Wi- Fi enabled . Desktop computers usually do not have Wi -Fi Network Device . For the wireless LAN card can easily buy from the market value of the quality of a five hundred thousand rupees is expected .  wire less  lane is present in laptops 
. The second condition is that it can only install on Windows 7 or Windows 8 can be used . Actually this software in Windows 7 and Windows 8 ' virtual router  ' ability to use older versions of Windows that are not possible

how to convert laptop into wifi hotspot for android:

                                                          It is necessary for the computer to be hot spot , at least on
Windows 7 installed . However, such a hotspot to connect to the dyuayss bets. On any operating system , so it does not fi Connecticut . Connecticut US -Fi Internet cable , DSL , 3G or 4G Yes Modem Yes , but go to the Internet via Wi-Fi can also be shared 
The installation and configuration is also very simple and easy . Connecticut fi website you can download the latest version 
                CONNECTIFY SOFTWARE 
                                                           Using this software , it is necessary to free the network name "Connectify" begins . Connectify-com etc. eg . If you use the Professional version can be custom named 
Also here , select your internet connection and you want to share in your system after selecting Wi-Fi hot spot to start . Take your laptop computer or a ' hot spot ' ' has become . Laptop or any other mobile wireless connections so you 'll find you in hotspot it will also be displayed there . Your chosen password to connect it to the Internet , you will see that the device has started walking
Connecticut -Fi is installed on the PC you can also see what time it is on the PC network . Also here you can also see different action , such as a PC if you want to know the IP or the Internet, it is also possible to give 


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