how to make strong password

password security

from the topic you should  know how to make passport. for example what is password of your computer or password of your online account or password of your ATM card it must strong enough that no one can reach it. base on password there are two types of peoples. one which is make so difficult password that sometime they forget it. on the other side people make so simple password that  a little expert person reach it easily that they put their cell number or   a person name which is easily hack. now we should follow some rule for making a better password.

make strong password

base on you make a password is long or short answer is simple.  making a better password you should use alphabats and  in between them use space and you also use symbol and numbers.
it is important for making a pasword that you remember it but no one can reach it.
in the way many famous personality date of birth is part of password. remember that only english alphbats are used in password. however some alphabat should in word in making password.
e;g the word medicalscience  change into mdcalscenc. in common ther ten alphabats are used in password but if you want to make a long password then you can like asadofferprayerofnight.

make good password

how to make very strong passwords

a good password
to make a strong password you should used small and capital alphabats along with symbol and numbers. for example we take  simple password is mobile phone. this a weak password now we make it strong which is following moBiLEphONE&%. in password making you not give your date of birth, children name, phone numbers licence numbers , school name and other personal personal information these types of password are easily hack.
people often use same password in many account don't do that. if one account is hack then other account you will also lose. another important rule for making password don't repeat  alphabats use once only.