how to delete facebook search activity log

how to remove search facebook activity log:

We  have  yet  most  people do not do Facebook.
 For example, your security settings on Facebook and should continue to be, he does not know anything. If people think they may be at touch comes back to the ears. And those who do not know that he would have liked the page heap dumps are getting their news reach others.

delete facebook search history on android,iphone,s4,pc

However, talk of search activities. Facebook names of people we often seek. I think now it does not work, then the fee would be? But the people who share your computer with others or their Facebook login and no matter who sits on the computer can be dangerous.
Facebook was such that they all have in common the search ... you 'actions' may also have been recorded in the account. Go to your profile to view it Activity log and click the button.

Facebook said that all activities, such as likes, comments, shares, etc. all posts chronological record of the sequence is present here. Here you can easily know what I did or where I said I liked.

Search also written down in the Activity Log, you can see. Click on it and see what you have done a search on Facebook. Well, it is all hidden activity that only you can see it.

But if others have access to the computer and your Facebook login if everything can be seen here. It is better that such searches may be difficult for you, they are Deleted from here. If you delete the selected searches Clear Searches option or the above together with the help of all searches can also be deleted.

your search data on the facebook  will remove permanently......


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