how to get 5000 friend request in one day

how to get 5000 friend request in one day:

can any body get 5000 friend request in just 5 minute?

 hey today i will tell you some amazing tip about facebook. how to get 5000 facebook friends in just 5 minute. it is very simple and facebook does not block you. there are many method but they not working. and some are harmful for your account.
can anybody earn money with many friends?
yes it is true the more like to your page we can promte the products on the facebook the more visitors see the more earn.
is this method safe?
yes it is safe methods and facebook donnot block your acount. this method is tested by me safe you gat the email of the facebook friend you invite them at once.
step to be taken:
step 1:
log in to your facebook account

step 2:
go to link
facebook/mass.add application
step 3:
log in to this application to get information

step 4:
select your friends interest in the select friends you want to add

step 5: click the generate button

step 6:
copy all the email of the friend the box

step 7:
go to the invite friend in facebook click the below url
friends invite

step 8:
paste all the friends email there and send them, invitation and message
then click on the invite your friends
step 9:
wait somr times after sometimes friends reqest starts add by your friend recieve to you.

wilayat technologist

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