how to use life360 app on iphone,android

how to use life360 application

Life360 is the most popular family member location app. Android and IOS customers gain benefit
from along time.  But now windows phones users can get benefit  from this app. Life360 is not consider a simple app through you can make call and also send text messages.  However this app all the time inform you from your every family members.
This  app have the following features
 See your family members and friends location on private map.
Inform  from your  family members are safe or need your help.
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Chat one to one or in group with the family members and friends  present in your circle.
Any special place automatic alert when your member go there
Stolen or  lost phone place detection

With this app present install with your all family members  then you can know that where is he/she have  need or not  of call or message. However on the map you can see the location of  he/she. This app is free with all a lot of advantages.

you can also watch on youtube

 how to use life360


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